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The Beach/Dunes - The Great Protector

Roy Steele Studio

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The Beach/Dunes - The Great Protector
The Beach/Dunes - The Great Protector

The dunes as well as the wetlands help protect the land.  Why we continue to build on the dunes and wetlands is a mystery to me.  A few years ago, I visited Cornwall in England with a friend of mine who grew up there.  As we were traveling down some of the narrow roads near the coast of St. Ives, I noticed that there were few buildings.  I asked, "Why hasn't this beautiful land been developed."  Her response was, "We have laws!"  I'm afraid maybe that has somewhat changed since I've there, but laws do help!

5" X 7" Gift/Note Card
blank on the inside
envelope included
printed on 100% recycled paper
cello sleeves made from plants and compostable 
made in Portland, Oregon

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