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Starving Wetlands

Roy Steele Studio

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Starving Wetlands
Starving Wetlands
Artist's Point of View

I first saw massive wetlands in Florida in the early nineties when I was working as a tutor in traveling Broadway shows. Whether wetlands are coastal or inland, there is something about them that brings a sense of peacefulness to my soul. I think one of the reasons for this feeling is that wetlands are a protector of the land and a filter of water. They slow down the flow of water, cleanse the water of toxic material and help ease the damage of a major storm. But in the past century, wetlands have been drained off for farming, urbanization and gas/oil exploration. Luckily, protection of the wetlands is increasing and there are plans under way for the restoration of many wetlands. Someday, it may be easy to say that the wetlands no longer are starving!

5" X 7" Gift/Note Card
blank on the inside
envelope included
printed on 100% recycled paper
cello sleeves made from plants and compostable 
made in Portland, Oregon

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