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Seismic Shift

Roy Steele Studio

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Seismic Shift
Seismic Shift
Artist's Point of View

In the summer of 2012, I was an artist-in-residence at an artist retreat in Western Pennsylvania near the small town of Laceyville. The area is covered with beautiful roaming hills, small rivers and waterfalls, elegant farmland and lots of hydraulic frackuring. It’s a place where rights to farms have been sold to be fracked! As you drive along the beautiful countryside fracking facilities one after another pop up. I understand why farmers leased their land and even the artist retreat that I attended did it too. It’s for money. When I was a kid on the farm, one of our neighbors least out their farm to an oil company. My dad refused. They drilled on our neighbor’s land, but didn't find any oil. If they had, I have often wondered if my dad would have least our family farms. To this day, I don’t know. What I do know is that we are messing with our environment without necessarily know the consequences, hence, the silkscreen, Seismic Shift.’

5" X 7" Gift/Note Card
blank on the inside
envelope included
printed on 100% recycled paper
cello sleeves made from plants and compostable 
made in Portland, Oregon

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