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Regenerative Agriculture

Roy Steele Studio

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Regenerative Agriculture
Regenerative Agriculture
Artist's Point of View
The gully was my favorite place on the farm. When I was a kid and feeling sad, I always took my dog Rover and went the gully. The grass and shrubs were never overgrown in the gully at that time because the cows and sheep were allowed in the gully. During this idyllic time, cows grazed in the pasture fields and walked to the gully to drink from the fresh-water spring, chickens walked freely outside and scratched the dirt and grass with their beaks, hogs ran and played in the old orchard, sheep grazed in the gully and old road, crops were rotated, and chemicals had not arrived on the farm yet. This was how I remembered the farm when I grew up from birth to age ten. In 1955 things changed, the corporations convinced farmers that there was a better way, they could do less work and make more money if they used chemicals. Today, there are winds of change in the air and regenerative farming is starting to gain influence. So what is this type of agriculture? Well, here are some starters – carbon belongs in the soil and chemical fertilizers should be eliminated. Cover crops, diversity and crop rotation are in! Chemicals are out! Ending fossil fuels rule and increasing biodiversity is part of the motto to save our planet!
5" X 7" Gift/Note Card
blank on the inside
envelope included
printed on 100% recycled paper
cello sleeves made from plants and compostable 
made in Portland, Oregon

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