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Nature Has the Answers

Roy Steele Studio

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Nature Has the Answers
Nature Has the Answers

Artist's Point of View

The Fibonacci Sequence (1,1,2,5,8…) is found all over nature. It’s in light waves, pinecones, sunflowers, sea urchins, spiral galaxies and even in our bodies. Artists have used the numbers in the sequence for centuries – the dimensions of the Parthenon are all in the Fibonacci sequence, as well as, the three rectangles in the United Nations building in New York City. Before I was accepted into the Ceramic MFA program at Alfred University, I made several clay sculptures using those proportions. People were drawn to the sculptures and I believe it was partially due to the fact that I used the Fibonacci Sequence as a starting point when creating the pieces. In the past few years, I have also created drawings and silkscreens using those proportions as a starting point and this piece, ‘Nature Has All the Answers’ was one of them. My belief is that nature has the answers and if we look to nature and not only see what is visible with the naked eye, but also what is underneath we will be able to create a world that works with nature not against it.

5" X 7" Gift/Note Card
blank on the inside
envelope included
printed on 100% recycled paper
cello sleeves made from plants and compostable 
made in Portland, Oregon

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